Looking for graphics programmer to do some render work $$$
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Author:  zoombapup [ 04.04.2012, 16:34 ]
Post subject:  Looking for graphics programmer to do some render work $$$

Hey all.

I need to get some rendering code working with horde, but don't have time to do the work myself. So I'm looking for reliable individuals to do the work. The end result will be released back to the Horde community.

What I'm after:

I need proper cascaded shadow maps implementing with a sunlight (directional light) that covers the whole scene. This is a relatively simple set of fixes (basically work the NVIDIA paper into horde format, fixing some of the issues with Horde's current implementation).

I also need an atmospheric sky scattering simulation adding. Basically a proper simulated sky with day/night kind of thing. Again, this would be an implementation of relatively well known algorithms just in horde format. It would be great if it was optimised quite a bit.

If this sounds like you're cup of tea. Please get in touch with a price for doing the work.

This is pretty urgent, so if you're interested let me know ASAP please.

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