Efficient interactive model coloring and transparency change
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Author:  cbaten [ 04.01.2013, 17:28 ]
Post subject:  Efficient interactive model coloring and transparency change

Hello all,

We are trying to interactively change colors of several body parts of a human model.
Following some of the older posts we succeeded to give one body part (hand) a different color by using a texture file with the hand area colored red and the rest of the body texture area transparent.

To do this for multiple body parts we need many times the complete texture of which a large number of pixels has alpha channel is 0. This seems a unneccesary burdon on the shaders.

So, some questions:
- Is it possible to use partial texture maps and how do we attach them to our model?
- Can we change the model basic skin transparency in horde3d?
- Any other suggestions?

Kind regards,

Chris Baten

Environment: Labview 2011 calling Horde3D beta v5 SDK functions.

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