Shadows don't like people to see them :(
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Author:  JoelE [ 16.02.2013, 05:05 ]
Post subject:  Shadows don't like people to see them :(

I am having an issue where my shadows display incorrectly when the camera looks at them from the wrong angle/position.

Here are two screenshots, the first with the shadows rendered correctly, the second with the camera moved slightly.


Things I have tried:

Switching to and from deferred/forward lighting.
Changing the Shadow Map Bias
Changing the Shadow Map Count
Adding/removing lights. Using only one light.
Changing the ShadowSplitLambda, not sure what that does but it didn't help.
Splitting up my giant triangles into smaller triangles.

Does anyone have any solutions? Or at least a name for what this problem is.

Author:  Volker [ 16.02.2013, 13:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadows don't like people to see them :(

What radius did you use, maybe you suffer from numerical issues because of low floating point precision.

Author:  JoelE [ 16.02.2013, 17:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadows don't like people to see them :(

the radius of the light is 40. I tried increasing it to 400 and I still have the same problem.

Author:  yurkshat [ 14.05.2014, 23:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadows don't like people to see them :(

I think I'm experiencing the same issue. It seems to be a problem with Renderer::calcCropMatrix.

I've got a test scene that is just a big box for a shadow receiver (with casting off) and several bush meshes lined up in a row. I've got a light with a 90 degree fov, radius of 13 and y of 2. Normally everything appears just fine:

But I've got a procedure that automatically combines all the meshes in a scene node into a single geometry:

If I combine all the bushes in to a single mesh the crop matrix gets cut strangely and the shadow maps become much more expensive:

If I move the combined mesh more towards the front or back of the light it starts to correct:

Rotating the light on any axis (y pictured) also causes the cut off to change:

Commenting out the call to Renderer::calcCropMatrix in Renderer::updateShadowMap "fixes" it. I've tried fiddling around with it, but I've had no luck. Adjusting the light's FOV and radius doesn't have any effect.

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