RenderDeviceInterface::drawIndexed bug
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Author:  Rauy [ 16.09.2010, 00:56 ]
Post subject:  RenderDeviceInterface::drawIndexed bug

I just skimmed over the newest revision 551 with the new renderer abstraction and I think I spotted a bug. in Renderer::drawMeshes you call the new method RenderDeviceInterface::drawIndexed. This expects a "numVerts" argument which is also treated so (and thus added to the base vertex in glDrawRangeElements), but you call this function with the mesh's "vertREnd" property (instead the right "vertREnd-vertRStart+1").

The samples work correctly because the end vertex in glDrawRangeElements is just a hint (as long as it's too large) and it maybe no performance cost, but it is just the wrong usage.

Author:  Volker [ 16.09.2010, 20:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: RenderDeviceInterface::drawIndexed bug

Good spot. Thanks for reporting. Fixed it.

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