h3dAddResource not reporting failure
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Author:  miko93 [ 12.08.2011, 22:00 ]
Post subject:  h3dAddResource not reporting failure

I'm just playing with horde for a short time (which is fun actually, I might add), so please bare with me if this has been mentioned before.

When using h3dAddResource like so for a "not found condition test" (where the xml file certainly does not exist), I get back modelRes of value 4:
H3DRes modelRes = h3dAddResource( H3DResTypes::SceneGraph, "tttttsphere.scene.xml", 0 );

According to the docs, I would rather expect a 0 value, though.
handle to the resource to be added or 0 in case of failure

So, I'm reporting this as a (possible) bug. Thanks and keep up the good work :mrgreen:

Author:  Volker [ 13.08.2011, 09:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: h3dAddResource not reporting failure

It's not a bug, because the resource handle does not mean that the resource is loaded. You have added a resource with that name, but it's content has to be loaded afterwards. See also h3dIsResLoaded. Note also that the resource name does not necessarily be a file name. It's only used as one by h3dutloadresourcesfromdisk

Author:  miko93 [ 13.08.2011, 13:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: h3dAddResource not reporting failure

Ah, I see where I got it wrong. Thanks Volker :oops:

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