Bug? View Matrix is always Identity for first 3 frames
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Author:  Spacecookies [ 06.12.2011, 02:28 ]
Post subject:  Bug? View Matrix is always Identity for first 3 frames

Hi all,

I'm quite new to Horde3D, so I'm not sure if this is a known / expected behavior or not...

In the Knight example (and I assume in the Chicago example and most other applications), I've found that the view matrix is always the Identity transform for the first 3 frames. It's set properly for the 4th and subsequent frames. This seems to have something to do with _relTrans vs _absTrans. _relTrans gets set immediately when h3dSetNodeTransform( _cam, ...) is called and the node is marked "Dirty", but the renderer uses _absTrans to set the view matrix, and it remains (0,0,0) for the first 3 frames. Before the 4th frame, SceneNode::update() is called on the camera node and _absTrans is set properly.

Just thought I'd see if anyone knows what's going on here...

EDIT: I'm using 1.0 Beta 5

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