atof() function is locale dependent
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Author:  andi853 [ 04.09.2013, 03:55 ]
Post subject:  atof() function is locale dependent


I've been developing an eclipse plugin(with a java binding to horde) to visualize the movement of robots which are attached to a robotics API. When I tested my application on Linux, I observed strange behaviour of the model transformation: Rotation, Position and Scale of each Mesh were always a rounded number after I used the addNodes function. Also the Material uniform color was always black.
After several hours I found out, that when e.g. a material was loaded, its uniform rgba values were always 0. When I looked at the egMaterial class, the atof function caught my attention and then I stumbled upon this thread:
So the case was here that e.g. the value 0.3 was converted to a 0 because the dot was not interpreted as part of a decimal number
I solved the problem simply by setting the locale as described in the thread inside the egMain class once.
Maybe it's a java specific problem... but I wanted to let you know anyway :)


Author:  Volker [ 05.09.2013, 19:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: atof() function is locale dependent

I stumbled across that problem myself some days ago. Not sure if Horde should change the locale itself, as it may disturb the application's default behaviour.

Author:  Zuck [ 09.09.2013, 14:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: atof() function is locale dependent

As suggested at the end of the previous link, maybe this can be the solution:


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