HordeEditor and VC Express Edition
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Author:  EsaK [ 23.11.2009, 08:34 ]
Post subject:  HordeEditor and VC Express Edition

I'm using VC Express Edition at home, and tried to compile HordeEditor with it... I got an error in HordeSceneEditor.rc in the include "afxres.h" statement (couldn't be found).
As I read some info about this topic on the web this file seems to belong to MFC which is not shipped with Express Edition.
People suggested to replace afxres.h with windows.h instead... I did this (replaced 2 occurences in the file) and it worked for me.
Maybe this can be fixed in the SVN so people using Express Edition also can compile HordeEditor?

Author:  Volker [ 23.11.2009, 09:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: HordeEditor and VC Express Edition

Thanks for the hint. I haven't used the Express Edition so far, that's why I didn't come across this error yet. The .rc file was only added for the application icon in the explorer. Normally the code that add's the afxres.h is generated by VS itself, so if someone edits the .rc file VS will overwrite it again with afxres.h
But if you don't care about the icon in the explorer, you can remove the whole .rc thing completly.

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