[Horde3D Editor] Crash by Scene
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Author:  Lajah250 [ 19.05.2014, 20:03 ]
Post subject:  [Horde3D Editor] Crash by Scene

Good Day,
I´ve Downloadet the Horde3D Editor Version 0.9
The instalation of the Editor works and I also can start him.
But when I want to create or open a Scene he crashes.

But with Version 0.8 I´ve no Problems, there I can create and open spaces.
The only problem is with version 0.9

I tried to create a log with dbgview.exe but without success.
And I have no Idea how I can create a Crash and Dump log of this.

I try to run the Editor on a Win7 64bit system.

Author:  Volker [ 20.05.2014, 21:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: [Horde3D Editor] Crash by Scene

Best thing to debug this would be to compile it yourself and start it using a debugger. I can see no other easy way to find out why it crashes.

Author:  Lajah250 [ 29.05.2014, 08:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: [Horde3D Editor] Crash by Scene

Ok many thanks for this information

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