Rayleigh Scattering and procedural Day/Night Transitions
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Author:  DragonRift [ 06.01.2008, 01:01 ]
Post subject:  Rayleigh Scattering and procedural Day/Night Transitions

Hello, I am curious what the best approach is to achieve rayleigh scattering and smooth day/night transitions. Its very hard to find accurate resources on the subject anywhere and most people who have the technology either have it protected under GPL or charge thousands of dollars for the technology.

If anyone could help me with some guidance here, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

Author:  marciano [ 06.01.2008, 15:25 ]
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A valuable resource for atmospheric rendering is the following site:


Author:  AcidFaucet [ 06.01.2008, 21:55 ]
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http://www.vterrain.org is the best source. You may also want to try seeing what you can find on the topic from SigGraph and hunt down the overview of techniques used in Crysis (I know they touched on the subject, but that will be more of a basic overview and not an explanation of implementation).

Jesús Alonso Abad's approach is a good one, fast, easy, and artist controlled. (its on vterrain) Unless you need it to be super physically accurate.

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