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Welcome to the wiki for the open source next-generation graphics engine Horde3D.

This wiki collects information about how to make best use of the numerous features of Horde3D. Since it is a collaborative effort to which all community members are invited to contribute, the Horde3D team does not take any responsibility for the content or the accuracy of the content provided on these pages.

Gallery: Here are a few of the samples, add your own and get famous. more...
InfoIcon.png Using Horde3D
Useful information, instructions and tips for using the engine
HighlightIcon.png Related Tool Projects
Tools for Horde3D Development
Horde3D Editor

Download45.png Download Horde3D
Stable Release: v1.0 beta5
Get Distribution

Get SVN Source Instructions

Language Bindings: .NET • Digitalmars D • Lua • Python • Pascal
DevIcon45.png Horde3D Development
SVN Instructions
These pages are only of interest to developers who are modifying Horde itself, or developing extensions.
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