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The community portal section of the Horde3D wiki contains community contributed articles that are not part of the official documentation. Feel free to add articles to our wiki or links to external tutorials.
Information, instructions and tips on using Horde3D

Programming Guide

Build Instructions

  1. Building Horde3D - Instructions for obtaining the code and building Horde on all supported platforms
  2. Regenerating documentation - Instructions for updating documentation

Beginner Tutorials

  1. Tutorial - Hello World - In this section we will create a simple application that loads a character and animates it using a walk cycle.
  2. Tutorial - Picking - In this section we will demonstrate picking the node under the mouse cursor
  3. Tutorial - Simple HUD - How to use showOverlay to create a simple HUD.
  4. Tutorial - Setup Horde with SDL - How to Setup Horde with SDL.
  5. Tutorial - Setup Horde with Qt4 - How to Setup Horde with Qt4.
  6. Tutorial - Setup Horde with Qt5 & QtQuick 2.1 - How to Setup Horde with Qt5 & QtQuick 2.1.
  7. Tutorial - Setup Horde with Gtkmm - How to Setup Horde with Gtkmm
  8. Tutorial - Setup Horde with SFML - How to Setup Horde with SFML
  9. Tutorial - Stereo rendering - Basic outline for quad-buffered stereo rendering

Advanced Tutorials

  1. Basic Pipeline Tutorial - Create your first custom pipeline.
  2. Procedurally generated geometry tutorial - How to create Horde3D compatible procedural geometry (Horde3D 1.0.0 Beta 3 only!).

Shader Development


  1. A syntax highlighting schemes for editors like Notepad++ and Kate that work with Horde3D shader files can be found here and here (old).

Debugging and Profiling

  1. Using GPU PerfStudio - Quick steps to get started with GPU PerfStudio

Render System Basics

  1. The Flexible Rendering Pipeline - Introduction to Horde's data-driven rendering pipelines

Rendering Quality

  1. Gamma Correction - Overview of gamma correction and how to apply it with Horde


  1. Shading Technique - Dot Product Detail Texturing - Using the dot product of vectors and signed textures for high frequency detail
  2. Shading Technique - Palette Coloring - Quick and dirty palette recoloration of objects
  3. Shading Technique - Gloss Mapping - Mask which areas of an object have specular highlights
  4. Shading Technique - Glow Mapping - Allow areas on an object to emit a strong glowing highlight
  5. Shading Technique - Fresnel - Using reflection and refraction
  6. Shading Technique - Linear Depth Buffer - Create a custom linear depth buffer using vertex
  7. Shading Technique - Terrain Shading - Height and slope based shading with triplanar texturing


  1. Preprocessing Technique - Distance Field Vector Textures - Using Adobe Photoshop to generate textures suitable for efficient vector art rendering

Asset Creation

  1. DCC Tool Support - List of supported Digital Content Creation Tools
  2. Troubleshooting - "Help, my model is not showing up!"
  3. Tips and Techniques - Asset creation suggestions & ideas for Horde3d, exporting and program quirks..
  4. Extending ColladaConv - Add support for exporting cameras