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Community SVN Branch

This page is deprecated. Please visit new contribution rules at: How to contribute.

For a better integration of the community work we started a community SVN server branch.

The new repository is provided by the University of Augsburg

To get informed about recent changes you can use the CIA service.

If you want to become part of the community and want to have write access, you can ask Volker to create an account for you.

Of course there are some restrictions:

You are not allowed to upload copyright protected files. You should commit only tested things and should not upload code that does not compile on your own development platform. If you are not sure if things you've developed are running on other platforms please post some details about your submission in the development section on the forums, so other people get informed and can test it on their platforms.

We can only accept code that is distributed under the LGPL or EPL license and assume that your submission is under that license.

What's in

Currently the community trunk branch contains nearly the same Horde3D version as the SF trunk branch. We will always try to keep the branches in sync, but since more people have write access to the community branch it may differ sometimes in some features that are not yet overtaken into the other branch. Next to Horde3D itself, the community branch contains more language bindings, tools and non graphics related extensions. Currently there are a Sound Extension, a GameEngine Based on Components and the Horde3D Scene Editor.