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Due to its simple 'C' DLL interface, Horde3D can be accessed from most programming and scripting languages without much effort. The community has already created bindings for the following languages. Most of the bindings can be found in the Community SVN Branch, however, not all of them are constantly maintained and up-to-date.

  • C#
    • Maintained by the Horde3D team
    • Can be found on SourceForge as well as in the Community Branch
  • Lua
    • In the Community Branch
    • The Horde3D Editor has separate bindings as well that can be found here
  • Python
    • In the Community Branch
    • See this thread for further info
  • D
    • Two independent bindings exist, both located in the Community Branch
    • 1. Native bindings which redeclare the C API and are directly usable by linking against the Horde3D library (see this thread)
    • 2. Bindings using Derelict and function pointers (see this thread)
  • Pascal
  • Squirrel
    • In the Community Branch
    • See this thread for further info
  • Haskel
  • Java
  • WinDev 15
  • BlitzMax
  • Go
    • See this page for further info
    • The knight sample implemented with glfw in Go can be found here
    • And example in SDL can be found here
  • Lisp